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  1. Caged Sodalite Bracelet

  2. Caged Sodalite angle 2

  3. Raft Cuff angle

  4. Raft Cuff

    I was thinking about escape and how Huckleberry Finn used a raft to get away. I thought a piece with a raft like structure on it w…

  5. Water Skeeter angle

  6. Water Skeeter Bracelet

    This reminds me of a water skeeter, which I found out bite pretty hard. The bracelet doesn't bite.

  7. Cuff #10, side

  8. Cuff #10

    I got this Bumble bee Jasper at the Timonogos Rock and Gem Show and was quite excited to make a bracelet with it. This is what I…

  9. Display Bracelet

    I worked at an out door adventure store for a long time and one day I had to dismantle and dispose of an old display case. On the…

  10. Cage Bracelet

    I like connections and ways that I can attach things together. I suppose when I have so much trouble holding things together menta…

  11. Cage Bracelet

    I really like the theme of containment. I so often wish I could contain my emotions or moods more…

  12. Lashed #150

  13. Lashed #220

  14. Lashed # 221

  15. Lahed #300

  16. Lashed # 212

  17. Dime Cuff

  18. Cuff#21

  19. Lashed Cuff #5

  20. Lashed Cuff #3

  21. Stiched Cuff #5

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