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  1. Silver cuff w/dichroic glass

    This is the first piece of jewelry that has my makers mark on it.

  2. Cast Cedar Branches

    I got the juniper branches in Flaming Gorge, UT, out behind my family cabin.

  3. Hanging from a Bar

  4. Hanging from a Bar - side view

  5. Diver Stick Man

  6. Divier Stick Man front view

  7. Snowboarder Stick Man

    with copper took

  8. Snowboarder Stick Man front view

    with copper took

  9. Skiing Stick Man side view

  10. Skiing Stick Man

  11. Stick Man Reading the Paper

  12. Stick Man Reading the Paper front view

  13. Textured Band Ring

    with agate in sculpted bezel

  14. Climber Earrings

  15. Interlocking figure Eights

  16. Interlocking Figure Eights

    with synthetic sapphire

  17. Just Chalking Up

    Getting a little "white courage" always helps you make it over the rock.

  18. Stemming Out

  19. She's Got It

  20. Suicide

  21. Opposing Forces

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