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Patinized Bracelets

  1. bracelet-brass-patinaed-bracelet-B.jpg

  2. bracelet-patinaed-sterling-with-turquoise-set-in-brass-A.jpg

  3. Cuff

  4. Cuff #10

    I got this Bumble bee Jasper at the Timonogos Rock and Gem Show and was quite excited to make a bracelet with it. This is what I…

  5. Cuff #10, side

  6. Cuff #22

  7. Hammered Cuff

    Nickel Silver and Copper, Large

  8. Lashed Cuff #7

  9. Nautical Bracelet

    I am entering this in the 2015 Utah, Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon. I hope the judges like it as much as I do.

  10. Nautical Bracelet

    I was thinking about diving and portholes and decided to make this bracelet. I made it so that the hatch would open but I realized…

  11. Nautical Bracelet

  12. Patinized Cuff

  13. It's Got 8 Legs

  14. Ship's Got Barnacles, side view

  15. Ship's Got Barnacles

  16. Ship's got Barnacles, front view

  17. Turtle Bracelet, side view

  18. Turtle Bracelet

    I was in class and I told a student I wanted to make something. She handed me a small paper cut out of a turtle and said I should…

  19. DSC05979.JPG

  20. Buffalo Nickel Cuff