Bipolar Art & Jewelry

Wire Stiched Bracelets

  1. bracelet-sewn-bracelet.jpg

  2. Stiched Cuff

    Nickel Silver and Copper, Medium

  3. Stiched Cuff, side view

    Nickel Silver and Copper

  4. Brass Bracelet

  5. Cuff #20

  6. Stiched Cuff #5

  7. Cage Bracelet

    I really like the theme of containment. I so often wish I could contain my emotions or moods more…

  8. Cage Bracelet

    I like connections and ways that I can attach things together. I suppose when I have so much trouble holding things together menta…

  9. Cuff #22

  10. Cuff with Sunburst Bezel