Bipolar Art & Jewelry

Oceanic Bracelets

I grew up in San Diego. I surfed as often as I could which sometimes got up to 5 days a week. I loved the ocean. I loved reefs because as I would sit on my board I could see the ocean life swim around beneath me. I loved the textures of the rocks and plant life. It was amazing. I snorkeled some too and though I didn't travel all around the world observing firsthand the life in different ocean climates but I explore things to the best of my fund limited ability.

  1. Single Anemone Cuff

    Front view

  2. Many Anemone Cuff

    Front view

  3. Many Anemone Cuff

    I love to stick my finger in sea anemone. It is sticky and feels weird. This reminds me of them after they are closed.

  4. Aeolid Sea Slug Cuff

    Front view

  5. Aeolid Sea Slug Cuff

    The Aeolid Sea Slug looks like a bracelet. The color is amazing but I decided to make it out of copper and nickel silver.

  6. Crocodile Skin Cuff

  7. Carnileon Barnacle Bracelet side angle

  8. Carnileon Barnacle Bracelet

  9. Starfish Bradelet

  10. Starfish Bradelet side view

  11. Barnacle Cluster Bracelet front veiw

  12. Barnacle Cluster Bracelet

    I collected a bunch of barnacles and was drying them out to make molds but I got impatient and sculpted these out of clay then pul…

  13. Callophyllis Bracelet side angle

  14. Callophyllis Bracelet

    This is my first attempt to create a bracelet with the look of seaweed. I took some liberty and added little seed like balls.

  15. It's Got 8 Legs

  16. Ship's Got Barnacles, side view

  17. Ship's Got Barnacles

  18. Ship's got Barnacles, front view

  19. Turtle Bracelet

    I was in class and I told a student I wanted to make something. She handed me a small paper cut out of a turtle and said I should…

  20. Turtle Bracelet, side view