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  1. Triangular Lashed Earrings

  2. Faceted Rubelite Bracelet

    I made this as request form my wife's aunt. She had the stone and wanted something made with it.

  3. Fenced Turquoise Cuff

  4. Fenced Turquoise Cuff

    Front view

  5. Set Geode Cuff

    My son brought this home from a scout camp 8 years ago, or so, and I really liked it. He wanted to keep it and I let him, knowing…

  6. Set Geode Cuff

    Front view

  7. Emperial Jasper Cuff

    This stone was found by one of my sons when we were at the beach in San Diego. He left it laying around and I found it. I cut it i…

  8. Emperial Jasper Cuff

    Front view

  9. Raft Cuff angle

  10. Raft Cuff

    I was thinking about escape and how Huckleberry Finn used a raft to get away. I thought a piece with a raft like structure on it w…

  11. Lashed cuff 10, side

  12. Lashed cuff #10

    The stone is iron pyrite, I like it. I have wanted to use iron pyrite since I was a little kid when I saw it as fools gold in stre…

  13. Cuff #10, side

  14. Lashed #150

  15. Lashed #220

  16. Lashed # 221

  17. Lahed #300

  18. Lashed # 212

  19. Lashed Cuff #5

  20. Lashed Cuff #3

  21. Stiched Cuff #5

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