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  1. Petroglyph Cuff

  2. Boot Rappel

  3. Dulfersitz Rappel

  4. Cherry Drop

  5. Holding On

  6. Climbing Stick Figure

  7. Turtle Bracelet

    I was in class and I told a student I wanted to make something. She handed me a small paper cut out of a turtle and said I should…

  8. Turtle Bracelet, side view

  9. Ship's got Barnacles, front view

  10. Ship's Got Barnacles

  11. It's Got 8 Legs

  12. Cam Ring side view

  13. Cam Ring

    On this ring I made the cam out of nickel silver with a saw and soldering, and rivets. then I built a wax ring around the cam. I u…

  14. Figure 8 Ring

  15. Two Carabiners

  16. Ice Axe Ring

  17. MountaineerRing