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  1. Silver cuff w/dichroic glass

    This is the first piece of jewelry that has my makers mark on it.

  2. Filigree Bracelet

    Paua Shell in Bezel

  3. Filigree Bracelet front view

    with Paua Shell

  4. Lizard Bracelet

    with dichroic glass and band of cast twigs

  5. Coil Earrings with Carnelian

  6. Turquoise Ring

  7. Interlocking Figure Eights

    with synthetic sapphire

  8. Money Cuff

  9. Silver Eye Rings

    An old friend of mine wanted me to make rings for his kids with their eye colors because they have had a contest about whose eye c…

  10. Eye Ring with Opal

  11. Boot Rappel

  12. Dulfersitz Rappel

  13. Cherry Drop

  14. Holding On

  15. Climbing Stick Figure

  16. Turtle Bracelet

    I was in class and I told a student I wanted to make something. She handed me a small paper cut out of a turtle and said I should…

  17. Turtle Bracelet, side view

  18. Blue Stone Disc Cuff

  19. Red Stone Gate Pendant

  20. It's Got 8 Legs

  21. Callophyllis Bracelet

    This is my first attempt to create a bracelet with the look of seaweed. I took some liberty and added little seed like balls.

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