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  1. Set Geode Cuff

    My son brought this home from a scout camp 8 years ago, or so, and I really liked it. He wanted to keep it and I let him, knowing…

  2. Set Geode Cuff

    Front view

  3. Emperial Jasper Cuff

    This stone was found by one of my sons when we were at the beach in San Diego. He left it laying around and I found it. I cut it i…

  4. Emperial Jasper Cuff

    Front view

  5. Figure 8 Ring

  6. Two Carabiners

  7. Ice Axe Ring

  8. MountaineerRing

  9. Branch Pendant #2

  10. Branch Pendant #1

    I have been working with a texture on my lashed pieces that reminds me of aspen trees and I was thinking of using actual tree bran…

  11. Capped Pendant #2

    I made the first one of these silver capped pendants and sold it to a friend. She liked it so much she asked me to make two more.

  12. Capped Pendant #3

  13. Eye ring

  14. Mother Daughter rings

  15. Silver Baby Bracelet

  16. turquoise Ring

  17. Opal Ring

  18. Capped Pendant #1

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