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  1. Silver cuff w/dichroic glass

    This is the first piece of jewelry that has my makers mark on it.

  2. Blue eye ball tie tack

  3. Brown eye tie tack

  4. Dichroic Glass Bracelet

  5. Silver Eye Rings

    An old friend of mine wanted me to make rings for his kids with their eye colors because they have had a contest about whose eye c…

  6. Eye Ring with Opal

  7. Brass Eye Ring

  8. Nautical Bracelet

    I am entering this in the 2015 Utah, Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon. I hope the judges like it as much as I do.

  9. Nautical Bracelet

    I was thinking about diving and portholes and decided to make this bracelet. I made it so that the hatch would open but I realized…

  10. Nautical Bracelet

  11. Lashed #170 w/bead