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  1. Cast Cedar Branches

    I got the juniper branches in Flaming Gorge, UT, out behind my family cabin.

  2. Cam Ring side view

  3. Cam Ring

    On this ring I made the cam out of nickel silver with a saw and soldering, and rivets. then I built a wax ring around the cam. I u…

  4. Hiking Ring

  5. Barnacle Cluster Bracelet

    I collected a bunch of barnacles and was drying them out to make molds but I got impatient and sculpted these out of clay then pul…

  6. Cuff #10, side

  7. Branch Pendant #2

  8. Branch Pendant #1

    I have been working with a texture on my lashed pieces that reminds me of aspen trees and I was thinking of using actual tree bran…

  9. Cave Series # 13

  10. Cave Series

  11. Cave Series # 11

  12. Cave Series #10

  13. Capped Pendant #3

  14. Rexburg Ring

    I made this with my new portable jewelry kit in a Marriott in Rexburg Idaho.

  15. Rexburg Ring side angle

  16. Steampunk #1

    Cast silver ring with w/fax button.

  17. Wedding Ring #1

    The first wedding ring I have made.

  18. Wedding Ring #1.1

  19. Cave Series #9

    Cast White Bronze.

  20. Cave Series #10

    Cast White Bronze.

  21. Cave Series #11

    Cast White Bronze.

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