Bipolar Art & Jewelry

  1. Holding On

  2. Climbing Stick Figure

  3. Turtle Bracelet

    I was in class and I told a student I wanted to make something. She handed me a small paper cut out of a turtle and said I should…

  4. Turtle Bracelet, side view

  5. Ship's got Barnacles, front view

  6. Ship's Got Barnacles

  7. Ship's Got Barnacles, side view

  8. DSC05843.JPG

  9. Blue Stone Disc Cuff, downward view

  10. Blue Stone Disc Cuff

  11. Pendant #8

  12. Red Stone Gate Pendant

  13. It's Got 8 Legs

  14. Cam Ring side view

  15. Cam Ring

    On this ring I made the cam out of nickel silver with a saw and soldering, and rivets. then I built a wax ring around the cam. I u…

  16. Hiking Ring

  17. Callophyllis Bracelet

    This is my first attempt to create a bracelet with the look of seaweed. I took some liberty and added little seed like balls.

  18. Callophyllis Bracelet side angle

  19. Barnacle Cluster Bracelet

    I collected a bunch of barnacles and was drying them out to make molds but I got impatient and sculpted these out of clay then pul…

  20. Barnacle Cluster Bracelet front veiw

  21. Textured Cutout Bracelet

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