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  1. Many Anemone Cuff

    Front view

  2. Carbuncles in Squares

  3. Carbuncles in Squares

    Front view

  4. Single Anemone Cuff

  5. Single Anemone Cuff

    Front view

  6. Jasper Cuff

    Front view

  7. Jasper Cuff

  8. Wire Over Plate Cuff angle

  9. Wire Over Plate Cuff

    I soldered up the wire cuff and then rivited to the plate cuff.

  10. Copper Nest Bracelet

    This bracelet gave me more trouble than many a bracelet. I don't know what my problem was but I kept having difficulties to the po…

  11. Copper Nest angle

  12. Caged Sodalite angle

  13. Caged Sodalite Bracelet

  14. Caged Sodalite angle 2

  15. Raft Cuff angle

  16. Raft Cuff

    I was thinking about escape and how Huckleberry Finn used a raft to get away. I thought a piece with a raft like structure on it w…

  17. Water Skeeter angle

  18. Water Skeeter Bracelet

    This reminds me of a water skeeter, which I found out bite pretty hard. The bracelet doesn't bite.

  19. Lashed cuff 10, side

  20. Lashed cuff #10

    The stone is iron pyrite, I like it. I have wanted to use iron pyrite since I was a little kid when I saw it as fools gold in stre…

  21. Cuff #10, side

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