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  1. Textured Band Ring

    with agate in sculpted bezel

  2. Textured Band Ring front view

    with agate set in sculpted bezel

  3. Turquoise Ring

  4. Interlocking Figure Eights

    with synthetic sapphire

  5. Sea Shell Ring with Malachite

  6. Silver Eye Rings

    An old friend of mine wanted me to make rings for his kids with their eye colors because they have had a contest about whose eye c…

  7. Eye Ring with Opal

  8. Steampunk Ring #11

    with button

  9. Steampunk #10 side view

  10. Steampunk Ring #10

  11. Brass Eye Ring

  12. Cam Ring side view

  13. Cam Ring

    On this ring I made the cam out of nickel silver with a saw and soldering, and rivets. then I built a wax ring around the cam. I u…

  14. Hiking Ring

  15. Figure 8 Ring

  16. Two Carabiners

  17. Ice Axe Ring

  18. MountaineerRing

  19. Rexburg Ring

    I made this with my new portable jewelry kit in a Marriott in Rexburg Idaho.

  20. Rexburg Ring side angle

  21. Steampunk #1

    Cast silver ring with w/fax button.

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