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  1. Bug Broach

    My sister commissioned me to make a bug broach.

  2. Bug Broach front view

  3. Textured Cuff

    with onyx

  4. Cuff with Sunburst Bezel

  5. Brass Eye Ring

  6. Climbing Stick Figure

  7. Blue Stone Disc Cuff

  8. Callophyllis Bracelet

    This is my first attempt to create a bracelet with the look of seaweed. I took some liberty and added little seed like balls.

  9. Callophyllis Bracelet side angle

  10. Starfish Bradelet side view

  11. Starfish Bradelet

  12. Raft Cuff angle

  13. Lashed cuff 10, side

  14. Cuff #10, side

  15. Cuff #10

    I got this Bumble bee Jasper at the Timonogos Rock and Gem Show and was quite excited to make a bracelet with it. This is what I…

  16. Nautical Bracelet

    I am entering this in the 2015 Utah, Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon. I hope the judges like it as much as I do.

  17. Nautical Bracelet

    I was thinking about diving and portholes and decided to make this bracelet. I made it so that the hatch would open but I realized…

  18. Nautical Bracelet

  19. Stiched Cuff #5

  20. Cuff #20

  21. Cuff #22

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