Bipolar Art & Jewelry

Stick Figures

People often equate art with stick figures, "I can't do art, I can't even draw a stick figure." I thought about that and decided that better make some stick figure jewelry because how can I make jewelry if I can't even make a stick figure.

  1. Climbing Stick Figure

  2. Holding On

  3. Cherry Drop

  4. Dulfersitz Rappel

  5. Boot Rappel

  6. Devon

  7. Hanging from a Bar

  8. Stick Man Reading the Paper front view

  9. Stick Man Reading the Paper

  10. Skiing Stick Man

  11. Skiing Stick Man side view

  12. Snowboarder Stick Man front view

    with copper took

  13. Snowboarder Stick Man

    with copper took

  14. Hanging from a Bar - side view

  15. Diver Stick Man

  16. Divier Stick Man front view